Friday, February 18, 2011

February 2011 Newsletter

Greetings from Cincinnati! It’s been a brutal winter here in the Midwest. I think we are all looking forward to Spring. There’s a lot to report this month and to pray about. Hollywood has come calling to our town. This month George Clooney, cast and crew are shooting their news film, Ides of March. They plan to shoot at 26 locations throughout the area. Many local people have been hired, and it’s an answer to prayer to help our local economy.

After what seems like forever, the new book, The Red Pill, The Cure for Today’s Mass Media Culture, has finally been published. It is an answer to prayer. I thank God for his goodness.

Next month we are planning to launch our new prayer fellowship for the Cincinnati Chapter of the Hollywood Prayer Network. Time and location are to be determined. Pray that God will send people to join this fellowship so that we can lift up those who work in the media and entertainment industry in our city, region and nation.

Now to the prayer requests:

1.     Pray for Bekka Prewitt, as she has moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Bekka is well-known in our city and has worked in the TV, film and media business for over ten years. She has appeared in several independent films as well as regional and national commercials. She believes she has been called of God to go to Hollywood as a media missionary. Please lift her up that she finds favor and open doors.

2.     Pray for George Clooney, cast and crew as they shoot The Ides of March. Pray that God moves to impact lives during this production.

3.     Pray for Media Missionary School’s film camps coming up this summer. Pray that God will send those that he has chosen to be there. Pray for volunteers, instructors and equipment to meet the needs for the camps.

4.     Please pray for the new book, The Red Pill, that God will use it according to his plan. Pray for opportunities to promote the book and that it is favorably reviewed.

5.     Pray for Media Missionary School’s upcoming trip to Nashville, Tennessee for the National Religious Broadcaster’s Conference. Pray that God will open doors and provide opportunities to met with various television networks concerning a new television show (Media Missionary School TV) that is currently in development.

6.     Pray for Joe Boyd, Brad Wise, and Isaac Stambaugh as they are currently in pre-production for the Vineyard’s latest film project, Strange Kind of Happy, to be shot in August.

7.     Pray for Michael Wolfe and Guy Camera as they prepare to shoot their new movie, Sound of the Spirit, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Pray that the final funding comes in as planned and the necessary logistics fall into place.

8.     Pray for Joe Boyd and his team as they travel to Louisville, Kentucky for the Third Annual Derby City Film Festival. Joe’s first movie, Hitting the Nuts, will be screened. Pray that God uses it as an opportunity for Joe to share Christ.

9.     We know of many people in our city who work in media who are currently unemployed. Pray that opportunities will open up and for the economy to grow. Pray that God will encourage them, uplift them and give them favor.

10.   Pray that the final preparations to start our new prayer fellowship will come into focus and that God will send those there who will help get the Cincinnati Chapter of the Hollywood Prayer Network up and running.

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